Big Data and Cloud Computing Lab


Leading novel and creative research through the application of big data and cloud computing

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The big data and cloud computing lab is one of the most specialized and unique laboratories in the international school of software of Wuhan University. Founded in July, 2013,the laboratory is in the charge of professor Cui Xiaohui, dean of the ISS, together with associate professor Zhu Weiping, associate professor Han Bo, associate professor Li Xiaojian, lecturer Hu Cheng, Dr. Wang Zhibo, Dr. Wei Yang, Dr. Wei Li. Other laboratory staff include three Ph.D candidates, eight graduate students and fifty-one undergraduates, running twelve separate graduation thesises of undergraduate students.
Research area: cloud computing, big data and Internet of things. Current project: identity recognition technology and sentiment analysis based on social media, group events analysis based on social media, the processing and storage of image date under cloud environment, the anti-interference algorithm on the reader-writer of the mobile RFID system, authentic emergency evacuation platform of subway, etc


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